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East Kidwai Nagar,

New Delhi, 110023

+91 96 32 206 413

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Architecture forms the everyday. It is a place we are born, a place we stay in, grow learn and do the everyday rituals. This spaces are dictated by a person called architect who allows this stories to come alive. Architecture is life and there is no life without architecture. An architect builds with a shear passion the stories, the memories of places and it's cultures. We on the other side are just as enthusiastically involved in documenting this effort in a best aesthetic and memorable way.

STUDIO RECALL is a team of creative professionals who believe in telling stories that celebrate the extraordinary of every day lives.  We do photography and films for a variety of projects ranging from Hospitalty, Real Estate, Architecture, Interiors, Retail , Conservation and much more.

Ar. Ekansh Goel

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